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As you may guess from the blog name, I’m Shaun. I create, grow, and maintain a constantly growing blog network to earn myself a full-time income online. One of my favorite books is Rework by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson. In the book, they have a sub-chapter on selling your by-product and how their by-product was the knowledge that they built up while growing their business.

They managed to use their by-product to produce content in the form of blog posts and books and have managed to earn millions of dollars from it over the years. That gave me the idea of trying something similar for this project by sharing my by-product, the experiences and knowledge that I gain from growing my blog portfolio to try and help other people while also potentially turning it into an additional income source.

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Don’t Focus On What You Think You Deserve. Take Aim On What You Are Willing To Earn.

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