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As you may guess from the blog name, I’m Shaun. I create, grow, and maintain a constantly growing blog network to earn myself a full-time income online. I publish a wide range of content on this blog to try and share as many tips and tricks that I pick up as possible to help you do the same!

I hope that you find my content helpful and that at a minimum it is able to help inspire you to try your hand at blogging too. Although blogging is far from easy and takes more work than you probably expect, it can definitely be worth it in the end and lead to financial freedom!

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Begin – To Begin Is Half The Work, Let Half Still Remain; Again Begin This, And Thou Wilt Have Finished.

 Marcus Aurelius

Progress Is Not Achieved By Luck Or Accident, But By Working On Yourself Daily.


A Gem Cannot Be Polished Without Friction, Nor A Man Perfected Without Trials.


Don’t Focus On What You Think You Deserve. Take Aim On What You Are Willing To Earn.

 David Goggins