Fiverr Blogger And SEO Gigs That Are Worth Your Time!

I sometimes use affiliate links in my content that may result in a small commission for purchases, full details in my privacy policy.

Fiverr rightfully gets a ton of stick from the blogging and search engine optimization communities due to there being so many low quality, scammy services on the platform that are essentially a waste of your time and money. There are plenty of backlinking and SEO gigs on the platform that promises you the world but are based on methods that are years or even decades-old now that can potentially harm your blog rather than help it. In addition to this, many people new to blogging don’t actually know how to properly check backlinks that they purchase and are often unaware if they are even being scammed or not.

That said though, there is some hope for Fiverr as there are a number of solid gig types on the platform that you are able to use to help you with your blogging journey. Not only are these very cheap but they can save you a ton of time and money depending on what you are actually looking to get done. I have made the bullet point list below for the types of gig I use on Fiverr for my own projects and as you can see, they are all based around a tangible product produced by the gig vendor that is quick and easy to check to reduce the chance of you being ripped off:-

I will now be going over how I use each of these types of gig for my own blogging projects to offer some inspiration on how you may be able to integrate them into your own projects to help save you time and money too. There are an absolute ton of gig types on Fiverr too that may be useful but specific to the niche that you are blogging in, I will only be focusing on the gig types that I have used myself but having a quick look around the other gigs the vendors Fiverr offer may let you see some additional opportunities for your own projects too.

AHRefs And SEMRush Reports

First up has to be quick, easy, and cheap AHRefs and SEMRush reports for doing competitor research in a number of different ways. This is without a doubt the most common type of gig that I use from Fiverr for my own projects and it saves you having to go off and purchase a full subscription to the services yourself. At the time of writing, both the entry-level AHRefs and SEMRush subscriptions come in at $99 per month and then scale as required from there as the allowances for your package increase.

Using these Fiverr gigs offers you access to this information for $5 rather than $99 and can help you in a number of ways. The two main ways that I use these gigs for my own projects is to scalp competitor keywords or to get a report of the backlinks pointing to a competing domain to try and see if I am able to duplicate the backlink profile for my own projects too. As the people on Fiverr offering these services are used to using the tools and have their own subscriptions, you usually just link them to the domains you want the data for and tell them if you want their keywords or backlinks then they will send you the report back a few hours later.

If you are brand new to blogging then I wouldn’t recommend that you worry about backlinks too much initially but finding low authority domains in your blog that has a domain authority of 20 or less and then ordering one of these reports from Fiverr for the keywords that they are currently ranking for can be a quick and easy way to get your initial keyword acquisition done to start moving forward. Another way that you are able to do this is to find online forums in your niche as the on-page SEO of forums is usually terrible and makes it much easier to outrank them with a blog post. Although there are some services on Fiverr that also offer reports from Majestic or Moz, in my opinion, you should be prioritizing the reports from AHRefs and SEMRush as they tend to have the better crawler and offer more information.

Surfer SEO Audits And Content Editor Templates

I just want to clarify that I have never actually used this gig type on Fiverr as I have my own Surfer SEO subscription so I am able to build out content editor templates or complete SEO page audits myself. On top of this, Surfer SEO also offers a 7 day trial for $1 that can allow you build out multiple content editor templates and run a number of SEO audits on existing pages on your domain too. On top of this, the entry-level monthly subscription for Surfer SEO is only $29 too making it much cheaper than AHRefs or SEMRush covered above, especially if you are just starting out.

That said though if you have already used the $1 trial from Surfer SEO then depending on what you actually need, just ordering Surfer SEO reports from Fiverr may be able to meet your needs and save you some money. For the Surfer SEO Audits, you essentially send the URL of an existing page on your domain to the gig vendor on Fiverr and they will run the report and give you the feedback the tool offers on how to improve your rankings in Google.

I was unable to find a dedicated gig on Fiverr offering content editor templates at the time of writing this post but I am confident that if you message some of the gig vendors on Fiverr offering other Surfer SEO services, you will likley be able to find one who is willing to build a number of content editor templates for you with their account. If you are unfamiliar with the Surfer SEO Content Editor then it is basically a content template to help keep your article formatting and on-page SEO optimal for the keyword you are trying to rank for. The image below shows an example of the type of information that the template can offer and as you type your article, it will then automatically update to show you if you are inline with the compeating articles already ranking on the first page for the term or not.

Cartoon Characters

As you can see in this blog post, I am using cartoon avatars of myself pretty heavily and have used them in multiple other projects too. Getting your own cartoon avatars from artists on Fiverr offers a number of advantages for a potential blogger depending on what they are trying to do. You can see live examples in this post of how I use them when blogging and if you are familiar with my YouTube channel, I use them as a part of my backdrop too.

I have lost count of the number of times that I have seen people reaching out and asking for ways to either blog or vlog anonymously for a number of different reasons. Using cartoon avatars can also be a solid solution for this as you can have an avatar made-up of a fictional character if needed rather than having them based around your own likeness.

I have mentioned how none of the affiliate blogs have a personal connection to my multiple times so if I did want to brand it or come up with a way to tie posts and themes together, cartoons can be a solid option. The example to the left is from a project I tried a few years back in the geek culture space in the art niche and I never wanted a link to myself. That said though, I did feel the project required a character for its branding so I turned to cartoons.

As you can see, the character fits the geek culture space perfectly, it is essentially a variant of a Sith Lord from the Star Wars universe and as the project was based in the art niche, he actually has a pencil lightsaber rather than a regular lightsaber too. There are a number of very talented artists on the Fiverr platform offering a number of different gigs types that you are able to use in this way for your own projects. As you can see with the example to the left, if you think outside of the box you can also tie it in with your niche as well as use them as a way to blog or vlog anonymously too if required.


This one is going to depend on your own personal circumstances and time constraints. I am fully aware that a large number of the logo vendors on Fiverr just use a free tool such as Canva to create the logos they sell and essentially trade their time for the fee. I am totally fine with doing this as my time can usually be put to better use on other tasks so I usually just purchase a logo for my affiliate blogs from one of the gigs on Fiverr and be done with it.

If you are just starting out with your blog and have the time available to make your own logo then this is probably going to be a better option for you. That said though, making a decent logo for your blog can be surprisingly time-consuming if you don’t know what you are doing and this is the main reason I just outsource it. Depending on the project, I sometimes purchase logos from two or more vendors on Fiverr due to them being so cheap, and then I will use the one that I prefer and just delete the other logos that were purchased for the project.

Custom Display Ad Graphics

Again, getting custom display ads from Fiverr vendors will depend on your own graphic skills as you can often make them quickly in tools such as Canva for free if you have the time and skillset required. I choose to outsource them to save time as my time is usually better spent on other tasks rather than building out display ads. In a similar way to the blog logos above, I will often order two or more display ad designs and then A/B test them and just delete the underperforming ads.

The way I use these in my own projects is for actual ads on my blog to affiliate or referral programs such as Skillshare instead of using them as display ads on networks such as Google Ads. This allows me to get a display ad that matches the branding for my domain while linking off to relevant courses on Skillshare for example with custom text and graphics that make it fit the layout and design of my affiliate blog. Depending on how you are building out your blog and the affiliate networks you are using this may not be essential, on the flipside of this though, if you are using something such as Clickbank then getting custom ads will likley be a solid option as the display ads offered by the vendors on Clickbank are usually extremely bad.

Article Writers

Full disclosure, I have only ever used writers from Fiverr for my tier one content that is used for guest posts or private blog network posts and even then, I haven’t used it for years. When it comes to my own projects, I try to always use a reputable freelance writing agency or I will try to find my own freelance writers from UpWork. Upwork can be a good option but it takes a ton of time to find and vet the writers where as sites like Fiverr and the writing agencies have writers ready to go.

Fiverr has their public rating system that you can check to see the reviews for any potential writer that you may want to hire and since Fiverr has removed the restriction of all gigs being limited to only $5, they seem to have attracted some higher quality writers that may be suitable for money site content on your blogs. Freelance writing agencies are a little different with some having all of their writers pre-screened to ensure they meet the required standard and some being more like Upwork with a pool of freelancers that you are able to hire from as required. I keep this link updated for the latest writing agency that I am using for my own projects that may be helpful if you are looking to outsource your content generation for your blog.

WordPress Coders

Due to WordPress being such a popular content management system amongst the blogging community, it is rare that you wont be able to find a plugin that will be able to do what you need when using WordPress. In addition to this, there are so many questions that you are able to Google and quickly get a solid solution for any bugs or problems that you may be having with your WordPress blog too.

On the flipside of this though, although it is very rare, I have had to reach out and get a cheap WordPress developer from Fiverr a number of times for very specific, niche things that I have needed for my affiliate blogs. There are some very talented WordPress developers offering their services via the Fiverr platform and to date, they have always been able to fix the issues I have been having without issue. These tasks range from custom code to bugs in WordPress to plugins clashing with other plugins or the theme that I am using. If you are not a coder, it is always nice to know that you can get a WordPress developer to assist you for cheap to help correct any of these issues that you may have.